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Wedding Rings in Sand

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Pinterest inspired “Rings in Sand” picture from our Honeymoon in Jamaica.

Of course, ours was taken with our waterproof camera at a bad angle with some sea trash on the top right hand corner, but its ours.  You can also tell that my hand was a little more wet then his as seen in the smudges of my palm.  Our plan, to take a “Rings in Sand” picture for EVERY beach that we visit.  What better way than to start with our Honeymoon Beach!?


Mini Rolo and Mini Reese’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites

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*****I apologize, this post was intended to be shown on my other blog, South Texas Wifey!  I would love for you to stop by there too! *****

Honestly, I didn’t mean to make bites…I wanted to make cookies, but our cookies sheets were dirty and I was too lazy to clean them.

I didn’t plan on making any dessert today, but when I was shopping at HEB, the candies were on sale so I decided to buy and come up with something.

Rolo Minis

As I walked through the store, the Pillsbury cookie dough was also on sale.  You can see where this is going.   So, I bought some chocolate chip cookie dough.

Well, I opened this one already, got a little too anxious.  

The Pillsbury cookie dough comes already portioned.

I took each pre-portioned dough ball and rolled it around a Mini Rolo or a Mini Reeses Peanut Butter Cup.   I did 12 mini-Rolo’s and 12 mini- Reese’s.   I then placed them in a mini cupcake pan.

Baked it for the amount of time and temperature on the package of cookie dough and…TA DA!!!


These are AMAZING!!  The Rolo’s ooze the caramel out and the Reese’s is a great combination between chocolate and peanut butter.

A SUPER EASY, but DELICIOUS recipe for LAZY days!

Texas Longhorn Wedding

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One of the first things things in planning a wedding is picking your wedding colors.

My color ideas…sea foam green and white.  We were getting married in June and I love the freshness of those colors.  My husband, who was really helpful in the overall process but not into details had one request in the planning…burnt orange.  Yes, burnt orange for a JUNE wedding.  How could I say ‘No’ when it was one of his only requests?  So, what did we do?  Had a burnt orange wedding!

Burnt Orange was appropriate for us, not only because we are die-hard Texas Longhorn fans, but because that’s where we met!  I was a Freshman and he was a Junior at The University of Texas when we met.  As Texas Exes, we definitely represented.

The Wedding Party was of course in burnt orange attire.

The Groom’s Cake was definitely a longhorn!

We gave out burnt orange koozies with the drinks.

And…of course…we sang The Eyes of Texas and did a good ole Texas Fight!

Somewhere in between him asking for Burnt Orange to be one of our wedding colors and the wedding day…it turned into a full blown theme of “Hooked on Each Other”.

It was our very own, Texas Longhorn Wedding!