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We had a wedding slideshow made to show our guests during Cocktail Hour.

The slideshow was made by Storymix and consisted of 50 pictures of our relationship over the past 5 1/2 years.

The plan was to show this during cocktail hour so that our guests could be entertained.  This would be along with the appetizers, the photo booth, DJ, and finding their seats.  Plenty to keep them all entertained for an hour before we got there.

I was so happy at the way that the slideshow all turned out.  We didn’t request any specific song and the song that Storymix put to it was perfect!  I had never even heard the song before and now I love it!  All I had to do was download the video and give the venue my laptop and it would be on!  Well….I forgot to download (my parents don’t have wireless) and I forgot to pass on my laptop.  So, the video wasn’t shown at Cocktail Hour.

This was just one of the many things that happened on the day of the wedding that I had to just roll with.  I realized it when we were back in the hotel freshening up and I saw the bag with the laptop in our room (which I had been lugging around with me all day) and the cocktail hour was scheduled to begin in 5 minutes.  I called our wedding planner at Circle the Date and told her to have the media system that we rented from the venue with the projector screen and all to be pulled up so that no one would even know the difference.

Of course, being the great wedding planners they were, they were able to pull that off flawlessly and no one knew (except for I had told one of my aunts the night before about it and she passed it on to everyone at her table.)    As much as I had planned out every detail of the wedding, I was very proud of myself for letting things just slide by on the day of.  My thought was it’s too late now.  I’m not going to let anything bother me because in the end, this day is all about marrying my best friend!


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