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I am so excited to tell y’all about our wedding cakes!!

Lady’s first.  So, let’s start with the Bride’s Cake.

My cake was a vanilla cake with lime filling with buttercream icing.  It was like summer in your mouth!  So light and refreshing…it was amazing!  Our baker, Lizzy with Lizzy Cake Company was absolutely PHENOMENAL!   When we had originally discussed cakes we had talked about 4 tiers because we wanted to save the top tier.  But, when our numbers dropped, we just couldn’t justify spending the money on just the top tier and fully planned on saving just a slice for us to eat on our 1 year anniversary.  We had dropped the contract down to 3 tiers before the final payment was due.  Not because we liked 3 tiers more (we liked the 4 tiers more), but because it didn’t make sense economically.   We get to the reception and there were 4 tiers!!  I was very surprised and LOVED the way it looked.  I get an e-mail that explains that she went ahead with our original design because she “thought it looked better”.  That’s right!  She takes such pride in her work that she wasn’t going to let me just settle with something, she wanted to make me happy.  I was floored!!

Onto the boys…the Groom’s Cake.

The cake was chocolate with raspberry filling.  It was such a delicious, rich chocolate and the raspberry was the perfect touch.  And, it being a South Texas Wedding, we had a Texas Longhorn theme for it.  Hook ‘Em!  Being Texas Exes, we’ve been to some weddings where the Texas Longhorn just doesn’t look like the Texas Longhorn.  Not our wedding!   She made the top longhorn out of brownie which she told us she had experimented with cake, but it started to sink a little so brownie it was.  I looked so good and lasted the whole night, standing proud!  We even ended up freezing that part to also eat on our 1 year anniversary.

What did the guests say?

The talk about the cake was nonstop!  We are still getting e-mails, phone calls, and texts about our cake!  It’s been non-stop compliments!  People have told us time and time again that they loved it.  Many people told us that they are usually not impressed with wedding cakes, but ours was really good!

So, if you are in need of cupcakes, cookies, birthday cakes, graduation cakes, or most importantly…a wedding cake, go to Lizzy Cake Company!  Set up a tasting and you’ll fall in love!


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