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Post Office LOVES Weddings!

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The Post Office makes so much money off of weddings!!!

When picking out invitations, I purposely picked an invitation that could be sent with a standard stamp. Part of the reason why I did this is because when I first started wedding planning I read an article by that was about 10 Hidden Wedding Costs.  In the article it said that you can send up to $2 an invitation just to ship the invitations!!  That’s just crazy to me!

So, I thought that I had a pretty good “shipping” budget with my standard stamps for the wedding invitations.  Don’t forget that before you ever sent out the invitations…you sent out Save the Dates (more stamps)…then you have to send out Bridal Shower invites (more stamps)…then you send out Thank You cards for the Bridal Shower (more stamps)…then you send out Bachelorette Party invitations (more stamps)…then you have RSVP cards (more stamps)…then you send out the Thank You cards for the wedding!  All in all you are stuck paying over $100 for standard stamps!!

So, when they say that the “Hidden Cost” are stamps, don’t forget to budget ALL of the other stamps required outside of just the inviation!

My conclusion…the U.S. Postal Service LOOOOVES Weddings!!!


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