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Invitation- The Final Product

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Our Invitation went to press and now we have our FINAL PRODUCT!

So excited!

Y’all know all about our Wording Dilemma and our Final Decision and now it’s all said and done…in INK!  No turning back on this one…well, technically yes, but too much money.

We started with a box set of invitations that we purchased at Hobby Lobby and went to a print press to have them made.  We bought WAY too many invitations, and had them printed all for about $210.  This is for the return address on the envelopes, their address on the envelope, the invitation printed, and the RSVP card printed.  I would say that’s a pretty good job!

We then bought chocolate brown and ivory pearl stickers and “bejeweled” the printed invitations.  These little pearls are going to be on their invitations, RSVP cards, place cards, and Thank You cards  to tie them all together.  I thought it was a nice little touch.  These were only $1 a packet and we can get 2 invitations, 4 place cards, 4 RSVP cards, 4 Thank you cards out of each one!  A small price to pay for a special added touch.

I think they turned out pretty well!  I’m happy with them!  And…I didn’t pay $500+ for invitations!  (Typical for invited about 200 people.)

*In order to get these prices for products from Hobby Lobby, weshopped their wedding specials, where their wedding department is 50% off.


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