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Booked Our Honeymoon!!

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So, we finally booked our Honeymoon last week!

Jamaica Here We Come!!

We couldn’t agree on a honeymoon because of finances.  We were waiting to hear from his dad how much we would be getting as a “gift” towards the wedding.  We’ve been saving for the wedding for a little over a year, but the type of honeymoon we would be able to book depended on the “gift”.  Well, we still haven’t heard, BUT I’m getting a tax return.

The Mr. really wanted the Butler Package at the Sandals resort, and I thought we should go with the cheaper, non-butler package.

Well, I decided to surprise him and get the butler package!  We can’t wait for this!!  We’ve both worked really hard the past year in order to be able to save for the wedding (he’s coaching 3 sports instead of two and I’m working night shift and taking overtime at the hospital), so a break is MUCH needed!  I think this will be the perfect end to us finally joining completely in marriage!

Advice if you are booking a Sandals honeymoon.  You should “chat” with a representative and let them know you are going for your honeymoon.  They will give you a complimentary honeymoon package.  Also, don’t pay in full if you are more than a month and a half out.  They have a policy that if you reserve your room with the down payment, you can ask for them to adjust your price if it decreases.   We saved $43 by doing this.  It’s not much in comparison of the price of the honeymoon trip, but still…it’s $43!  So, you should reserve your room and continue to go back and check packages.  This is just on the base package, not on the flight.  If you have any questions about this, don’t hesitate to contact me.  I’m not a professional, but I am a buyer so they might not inform you of all the little caveats in order to save you money.

*Hopefully we will be the lovely couple pictured above enjoying our sunset and not sleeping our honeymoon away.*


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