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Win a Video Package and be the next Storymix Bridal Blogger!!

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So, last week I wrote a post about a contest we were in to win a video package from Storymix.

Well, we WON!!!  So excited!!

 Honestly, before the contest, I hadn’t even heard of Storymix.  We entered because I like the idea of winning a free video package.  During the contest, I fell in love with Storymix!  Storymix has affordable packages for brides who aren’t willing to spend an arm and a leg for their video.  The idea behind it is that your guests will take the video of your wedding.  From getting ready, to the ceremony, to the reception, your guests will be able to record them on video cameras from Storymix and even on their phones via an iPhones app!

The exciting part for y’all is that because they had such a large demand, they are having a 2nd contest!! Yep!  You have  a chance to enter and win your very own wedding video package AND become the next Storymix Bridal Blogger!!!  (Don’t worry, no previous blogging experience is necessary….anyone can enter!)

To Enter: 

All you have to do is share your picture and engagement photo!  How easy is that?!  You have until April 14th to go and enter to win the Storymix Wedding Video and Slideshow package!!

Good Luck!!


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  1. It’s seems like a good idea, (storymix) please let me know how it turnas out once it’s all said in done, would love the get the inside thoughts of a bride on this one, thanks!

    Owner Infinity Video & Photo

    • Absolutely! I will be doing vlog posts for Storymix as well so I will get to try it out before the wedding. I will definitely keep everyone posted on it!


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