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Bridal Shower!

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My Bridal Shower was this past Saturday and we had a blast!

One of my Bridesmaids hosted it, and she did an amazing job!  From the table set up, to the food, to the games, to the dessert…I couldn’t have asked for more!

Lantern Table Arrangement

Floral Table Arrangement

The Fantastic Hostess! Bridesmaids are the Best!

More Drinks!

Mini Chocolate Bundt Cakes!

So thoughtful! We call each other Love Dove!

Delicious White Cupcakes!



I had so much fun and received so many sweet calls and text messages about how great it was to see each other and how beautiful the shower turned out!  I am so thankful to my Bridesmaid for hosting this event and was so blessed to have so many people travel to get to the event!


Bouquet and Garter Toss Songs

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Wayne Yuan Photography via Style Me Pretty

When we met with our DJ, Art Martinez with VIP Entertainment, he was really open to song suggestions.   We are trusting him with most of the songs (he’s a professional after all), but we do have quite a few songs picked out ourselves that have special meaning or that we just love!

One of the songs I had NOT thought of was the garter toss.  You know the typical bouquet and garter toss…No Idea!

I knew I wanted All the Single Ladies by Beyonce for the bouquet toss.  I just think that it is so appropriate!

As for the garter toss…Hadn’t even crossed my mind!

So, what did I do?  I began my search for “Garter Toss Songs”.  What did I find?  A great list from Soundtrack To I Do.  She had an entire list of Garter Toss Songs!  Also, if you are still looking for your perfect Bouquet Toss Song, she has a list of them too!

Of course, I don’t expect The Mr. to go through the list of songs…so I did!  As with most things for the wedding, I’ve done the research and then give him a list of options that he chooses from.

Our current list of possible Garter Toss Songs

My Love – Justin Timberlake
Luck Be A Lady – Frank Sinatra
Real Good Man – Tim McGraw
Who’s Your Daddy? – Toby Keith
Love Me Do – The Beatles
Let’s Get It On-  Marvin Gaye
Good Vibrations – The Beach Boys
Strangers In The Night – Frank Sinatra
I Got You (I Feel Good) – James Brown

So, what songs are y’all using for your bouquet and garter toss?

Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not?

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Our First Dance!

This is the song that we are going to use for our first dance!  (So we think.)  We’ve been going back and forth through songs, and this is what we have come up with!

The picture below just shows that this song is perfect for us!  I obviously took charge of this kiss during our engagement shoot.

(Not posed, but when our photographer was switching lenses and she snapped this shot.  Thanks Zagga Photography!)

My FIRST Storymix Bridal Blogger Post!

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It’s official!

Profile Picture for Storymix Media

 I have my first Bridal Blogger Post!  I have the opportunity to blog for them since y’all helped us win that amazing Storymix video package (thanks for voting).

Go on over to the Storymix Media blog and check out my first Bridal Blogger post!

Rehearsal Dinner Hosts?

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A few months ago I wrote to y’all about The Mr.’s parents not saying ANYTHING about hosting a rehearsal dinner and so we started planning one on our own, within our budget.

An…“I Do” BBQ

Designed by Jae Etsy Shop

That’s what the theme of the rehearsal dinner was going to be.  I really like the idea of a country type wedding, but that didn’t happen, so I thought it was the perfect way to tie in our “county-ness” into our wedding.

I wanted mason jars, bandanas, and boots!

Well, we finally had a sit down conversation about what his parents would be contributing.

  • Alcohol.  We were going to have a beer and wine only reception with sodas offered.  We were going to just do ‘house’ wines, but that wasn’t up to par, so they offered to pay.
  • They wanted to host the rehearsal dinner.

Yep, host the rehearsal dinner.  You know, the one I had already planned because they hadn’t stepped up sooner.  The one that they could have said they wanted to host for 10 months, but never did so I started planning it for us.  They said that it was only traditional and that they should be able to do this.  (Mind you…There is NOTHING traditional about The Mr.’s family.)  Anyway, we agreed.


We wanted to be “Hosting” our own rehearsal dinner just like we are “Hosting” our own wedding.  But…in order to keep the future FIL and FIL’s wife happy, we agreed to allow them to pay.  I let them know that I had already planned most of the details out (caterer and all) and that everything was pretty much set in stone,  they said that they just wanted to be able to pay.  Ok, GREAT!  Sounds good to us!

Not so fast…of course.  We receive a text message saying that they are thinking of other places and wanted to know what we thought.  We kindly replied that since we had planned it from the beginning that we had an idea in mind and didn’t really want to stray that far from that.  Their response…”as the hosts, we need to feel comfortable with the place.”  Really?!?  As the hosts?!?!  The hosts who didn’t plan anything from the get go, waited for MONTHS to mention any contribution to our wedding.  The HOSTS!

Ugh!  Really ticked me off!

My first desired response…whatever!  I don’t even care!

My second desired response…let me plan my own rehearsal dinner because you just got to plan yours less than a year ago.  We weren’t happy with that place (or the whole situation- them getting married, her mother coming up to us saying that we need to accept them because they are happy, never mind that NONE of his children were happy, etc.), but we didn’t say anything.  If y’all aren’t happy with ours…don’t say anything.  Not your wedding!

My third desired response…If this is such an inconvenience to you then please allow us to host our own event (Again).

Not really sure what to do.  I’ve avoided responding thus far, but days later, I feel like we need to give a response.  I just don’t know why people offer to pay for things to be helpful (even though we wanted to host it), and then try to change things.  It’s our wedding!  I understand that they think they are being nice, but they probably shouldn’t have wanted to be nice in the first 10 months of us planning a wedding.

I feel like I’m being ungrateful, but they weren’t offering up a penny to start.  I feel (and my Mr. has confirmed) that they reason they are not comfortable is because it is not NICE enough for them (BBQ) and they don’t want their name on such a casual event as the hosts.

What do I do?!?

Invitation- The Final Product

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Our Invitation went to press and now we have our FINAL PRODUCT!

So excited!

Y’all know all about our Wording Dilemma and our Final Decision and now it’s all said and done…in INK!  No turning back on this one…well, technically yes, but too much money.

We started with a box set of invitations that we purchased at Hobby Lobby and went to a print press to have them made.  We bought WAY too many invitations, and had them printed all for about $210.  This is for the return address on the envelopes, their address on the envelope, the invitation printed, and the RSVP card printed.  I would say that’s a pretty good job!

We then bought chocolate brown and ivory pearl stickers and “bejeweled” the printed invitations.  These little pearls are going to be on their invitations, RSVP cards, place cards, and Thank You cards  to tie them all together.  I thought it was a nice little touch.  These were only $1 a packet and we can get 2 invitations, 4 place cards, 4 RSVP cards, 4 Thank you cards out of each one!  A small price to pay for a special added touch.

I think they turned out pretty well!  I’m happy with them!  And…I didn’t pay $500+ for invitations!  (Typical for invited about 200 people.)

*In order to get these prices for products from Hobby Lobby, weshopped their wedding specials, where their wedding department is 50% off.

Invitation Wording- Catholic Mass

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Invitation Wording Decided.

Invitations have gone to press and are now done!

I wrote about our Invitation Wording Dilemma a while ago, and now it’s done!

Our conclusion:

Together with their parents

[ My Name]


[His Name]

request the honour of your presence

at the Nuptial Mass

where they will be united in the

Sacrament of Holy Matrimony

on Saturday, the ninth of June

Two thousand and twelve

at one o’clock in the afternoon

[Location of Church]

We are glad that we were able to incorporate the importance of our marriage being a Sacrament of Matrimony to our guests as well as inform them that this won’t be your normal “30 minute nuptials”.  Our mass is expected to take about an hour to an hour and a half and I think by informing them it’s a mass is just another way to give them a heads up.  Now that The Mr. is baptized, we are very honored to have it be a full mass as two active Catholics.

Also, although we are young, we are still living on our own and have been since we were 18 when we left for college (longer ago for him than me), so we thought it was more appropriate to say that we are the ones “hosting” it.  My parents have contributed financially, but we still consider to be the ones “hosting” the event.

What do y’all think?

Are y’all “hosting” your own wedding?