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Cake Tasting- The Groom’s Favorite Part

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24 Cupcake Tasting Flavors later…this is what we have.  We made a trip to San Antonio this weekend so we had another marathon “try to figure out our wedding details” session.  We met with 3 bakeries, 2 DJs, applied for our passports, set up our printing for invitations, and had a dress fitting all in less than 72 hours.  Not to mention spending quality time with my parents in the midst of all of that.

About our cake tasting…it was amazing!  This has been the part the “Mr.” has been looking forward to the most with wedding planning.  He told me, “Venue shopping was fun, but that was all for you, THIS, this is my weekend.”   Oh Boys!!

Well, we met up first with Lizzy Cake Company and she presented us with 24 cupcakes!!  Yes, 24, professionally done cupcakes that had various flavors for both the bride’s and groom’s cake.  This was our first vendor so we got spoiled early.  Each cupcake had a different flavor inside and the cakes themselves were separated into chocolate, marble, and vanilla. I loved being able to try the different flavors with the different cakes.  It makes such a big difference!!

This was the first cake tasting we had and we still had 2 others scheduled for the next day.  When we left, we got in the car and I said, “I want this.”  Of course, we still wanted to go the next 2 to confirm, but less than 72 hours, we are ready to book!

Yay for choosing our cake vendor!  If only choosing everything about a wedding was this easy!


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  1. Thanks for sharing your insight on cake vendors! We’ve just started looking at caterers and it can be a pain to have to schedule tasting appointments when you live out of town.

    Any recommendations for cheap/good photographers in San Antonio?

    Best of luck!!!

    • I agree! Our venue also does the catering so we lucked out on that one. Good luck on the caterers! We did work with Morgan at Absolutely Everything Catering when we were thinking of another venue and they were reasonable.

      As for photographers…Zagga Photography is our Photographer! Great prices and they (2 photographers) will stay up to 8 hours! Good Luck!


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