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Invitation Wording Dilemma

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What to Say?

Who to Name?

We are having the hardest time trying to figure out the wording of our invitations. My fiancé’s parents got a divorce about 3 years ago and his dad is now remarried.  It’s a very sensitive topic for the family.  

To give you a little background…

My fiancé’s dad and his new wife (step-mother…never, just his new wife), are planning our rehearsal dinner.  She has been trying to fit in, as much as possible, with the family and we appreciate her helping with the planning.  

Then there is his mother.  We haven’t spoken to her since October when there was a huge fight between her and my fiancé, which turned into an even bigger fight when I took his side when she was trying to pit me against him too.  

Then there are my parents.  In March they will be married for 35 years and they have supported my fiancé and I through every step of our relationship.  We haven’t had any falling outs with them and they get along really great with my fiancé.  Also, my mom has helped out tremendously with us living in Houston and them in San Antonio, she’s done a lot of the appointment making and so forth.  

So, what to do with wording?  Do we include my parents who are giving me away along with his separated parent’s names?  If we do his separate parents names then do we do ‘Mr. and Mrs.’ for the dad and the new wife and then his mom by herself?  Or do we just put his dad’s name and his mom’s name and leave out the new wife?  Or do we just include my parents and leave his parents out all together?  All of these seem to not be great options.

The last time we went to San Antonio, we asked my parents about this, and they said to leave out names all together.  I feel so bad to leave their names out since they are helping us out through planning and financially with the wedding.  This just shows how caring they are towards everyone.  Many parents would insist on their names being present, but to avoid conflict with his side of the family in any way, we are leaving out parents names altogether.  (I love my parents!)

I hope this solves the problem and hope his parents don’t get upset that we aren’t mentioning our parents.  *Fingers Crossed*

Are any of y’all having invitation wording dilemmas?

***Update: The wording has been decided.  Go here to see what we did.


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