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Wedding Shoes

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I have my WEDDING SHOES!!!

I’m excited to finally have another detail decided!  I went to DSW and found a pair that I loved, but it would be far too much with the dress I have.  Y’all don’t know what my dress looks like yet, but…it does have a lot of detail.  So, extravagant shoes were not an option.  I did find a simple pair that had just a tad bit of flair and bought them!!  I tried them on with my dress this past week and my first alterations appointment and I think they are going to go well.

Of course, to complete my shoes, I’m going to have my “Something Blue” at the bottom of them with the “I Do” Stickers.  

Yay for Wedding Shoes!!


Cake Tasting- The Groom’s Favorite Part

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24 Cupcake Tasting Flavors later…this is what we have.  We made a trip to San Antonio this weekend so we had another marathon “try to figure out our wedding details” session.  We met with 3 bakeries, 2 DJs, applied for our passports, set up our printing for invitations, and had a dress fitting all in less than 72 hours.  Not to mention spending quality time with my parents in the midst of all of that.

About our cake tasting…it was amazing!  This has been the part the “Mr.” has been looking forward to the most with wedding planning.  He told me, “Venue shopping was fun, but that was all for you, THIS, this is my weekend.”   Oh Boys!!

Well, we met up first with Lizzy Cake Company and she presented us with 24 cupcakes!!  Yes, 24, professionally done cupcakes that had various flavors for both the bride’s and groom’s cake.  This was our first vendor so we got spoiled early.  Each cupcake had a different flavor inside and the cakes themselves were separated into chocolate, marble, and vanilla. I loved being able to try the different flavors with the different cakes.  It makes such a big difference!!

This was the first cake tasting we had and we still had 2 others scheduled for the next day.  When we left, we got in the car and I said, “I want this.”  Of course, we still wanted to go the next 2 to confirm, but less than 72 hours, we are ready to book!

Yay for choosing our cake vendor!  If only choosing everything about a wedding was this easy!

Four Seasons of Wedding Showcase

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Lambermont Events will be hosting the Four Seasons of Wedding Showcase.  The event is held on

Thursday, April 5, 2012 – 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm  

 Information from the vendors:  

Lambermont will be transformed into the 4 Seasons of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.  A one-of-a-kind show like no other that you won’t want to miss.  There is NO CHARGE for entry for it is a vendor sponsored event.  

There will be: 

     bullet   Four Seasons displayed in Vignettes

     bullet   Wedding Cuisine from around the Seasons   

     bullet   Floral, Decor, Lighting 

     bullet   Musicians, Photography

     bullet   Exclusive evening showing

     bullet   The magic of design, lighting and decor
            that can only be shown in a real live setting 

Come and see San Antonio’s most spectacular wedding show on display as Lambermont is transformed into the 4 vignettes of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. 

For more info call Dona Liston at 210-271-9145 or e-mail at   

Lambermont Events  950 East Grayson St.  San Antonio, Texas 78208

Finding our DJ

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It’s getting to be crunch with a little over 3 months to go!  It wouldn’t be that bad except that we only have 2 more trips planned to San Antonio before the wedding.  Ahh!!  So, our last trip we wanted to get our cake and DJ taken care of.

As I have with all the vendors, I did extensive research online before.  This included:

  1. Finding San Antonio DJs
  2. E-mailing them for price quotes
  3. Setting up interviews with DJs you think would be best for your event

Step 1 is done for you since I have put together a list of DJs that I came across.

Step 2, e-mail all the DJs you are interested in.  You will be surprised.  Some DJs will not even e-mail you back.  They may say that they are “too busy”.  Well, do you really want someone doing your wedding that is “too busy” right now?  I know I don’t!  I want people who commit themselves to what I am hiring them for.

Step 3, our of the DJs that you had e-mail conversations with, set up appointment with the ones you are most interested in.  You will out a lot by meeting with them.  The location they choose, the presentation they give you, and how professional they are going to be.

After all the people I e-mailed, I set up interviews with 2 different DJs.  Since these are two separate people, there were personality traits that made them both unique and we liked them both (we like most vendors we meet).  The thing about your DJ though is that their personality REALLY DOES MATTER for your wedding.  We really wanted someone that would emcee our event too, not just play music.  Therefore, our DJ will be doing the presentations, announcing the cake cutting, announcing the exit, and keeping the party going!  Although with some vendors, they might not have the most charismatic personality but if they are behind the scene, such as a chef, it really doesn’t matter.  As long as you like what they provide, you book them.  Well, this is not the case with DJs.  The problem is…we liked the personality of both of the DJs!

So, what set the DJ we chose apart?

Art Martinez, with VIP Entertainment, was really well prepared. He came with a folder of papers.  Check! Thank you for being organized.  He was also willing to help out.  At one point he actually asked us what other vendors we were looking for and when we told him Video, he recommended someone and then followed up our meeting with an e-mail with the vendor’s name and contact information.  Great!  Thanks for helping out!  Not being in the entertainment business, when he was speaking of the various lighting options, it was lost on us.  So what did he do?  He showed us a video of the lighting so that we would have a better understanding.  By showing us the video, we were not only then able to discover the various lighting options he had, but also convey to him more of what we are looking for at our wedding with lighting.  Thanks for making us feel like we know what we are talking about.  

Another thing that set him apart, wasn’t discovered in the interview, but shown through communication.  I work odd hours and e-mail is by far the best form of communication.  Well, he e-mails promptly!  This is a huge thing!  I get really upset when vendors e-mail me back DAYS later saying that they were busy.  Maybe it’s because they are used to brides saying that to them all the time.  I know I am plenty guilty of not getting back to people in a timely manner all the time, but it’s not my profession to plan my wedding.  I have my career and I am very prompt at replying to my job related e-mails, because it’s my JOB!  If this is their job, then why are they not replying quickly?

These are all things to consider when looking for your DJ:

  • Are they prepared?
  • Do they try to make you feel comfortable?
  • Do they offer to help?
  • Are they professional?
  • Do you like their personality?
  • Will they match your event?

These are just a few, but very important things to ask yourself while interviewing your DJs.

Best of luck finding the person who will keep your party going!

Invitation Wording Dilemma

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What to Say?

Who to Name?

We are having the hardest time trying to figure out the wording of our invitations. My fiancé’s parents got a divorce about 3 years ago and his dad is now remarried.  It’s a very sensitive topic for the family.  

To give you a little background…

My fiancé’s dad and his new wife (step-mother…never, just his new wife), are planning our rehearsal dinner.  She has been trying to fit in, as much as possible, with the family and we appreciate her helping with the planning.  

Then there is his mother.  We haven’t spoken to her since October when there was a huge fight between her and my fiancé, which turned into an even bigger fight when I took his side when she was trying to pit me against him too.  

Then there are my parents.  In March they will be married for 35 years and they have supported my fiancé and I through every step of our relationship.  We haven’t had any falling outs with them and they get along really great with my fiancé.  Also, my mom has helped out tremendously with us living in Houston and them in San Antonio, she’s done a lot of the appointment making and so forth.  

So, what to do with wording?  Do we include my parents who are giving me away along with his separated parent’s names?  If we do his separate parents names then do we do ‘Mr. and Mrs.’ for the dad and the new wife and then his mom by herself?  Or do we just put his dad’s name and his mom’s name and leave out the new wife?  Or do we just include my parents and leave his parents out all together?  All of these seem to not be great options.

The last time we went to San Antonio, we asked my parents about this, and they said to leave out names all together.  I feel so bad to leave their names out since they are helping us out through planning and financially with the wedding.  This just shows how caring they are towards everyone.  Many parents would insist on their names being present, but to avoid conflict with his side of the family in any way, we are leaving out parents names altogether.  (I love my parents!)

I hope this solves the problem and hope his parents don’t get upset that we aren’t mentioning our parents.  *Fingers Crossed*

Are any of y’all having invitation wording dilemmas?

***Update: The wording has been decided.  Go here to see what we did.