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A Tip to Vendors: Follow Up!

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To me,  this would be common sense, but I’ve been proven wrong.  I’m not a wedding vendor, so there may be a justification as to why not follow up after meeting someone, but as a BRIDE, I can say it’s nice!

We’ve been meeting with our last set of vendors and you would be surprised at how many people did not e-mail or call us after meeting up.  There have even been vendors who told us they would send us certain information and then…we never hear from them again.  Really?  Why would I book you for our wedding if you can’t even send me an e-mail that you promised.

So, here’s my tip!  FOLLOW UP!

It’s been so nice to receive e-mails from other vendors saying that they enjoyed our meeting and such.  These people are definitely in the minority and have been the people we have been booking with.


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  1. I would love to become a photography vendor ! I can’t wait to hear back.


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