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A Tip to Vendors: Follow Up!

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To me,  this would be common sense, but I’ve been proven wrong.  I’m not a wedding vendor, so there may be a justification as to why not follow up after meeting someone, but as a BRIDE, I can say it’s nice!

We’ve been meeting with our last set of vendors and you would be surprised at how many people did not e-mail or call us after meeting up.  There have even been vendors who told us they would send us certain information and then…we never hear from them again.  Really?  Why would I book you for our wedding if you can’t even send me an e-mail that you promised.

So, here’s my tip!  FOLLOW UP!

It’s been so nice to receive e-mails from other vendors saying that they enjoyed our meeting and such.  These people are definitely in the minority and have been the people we have been booking with.


Rehearsal Dinner Dress

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So, I wrote about my rehearsal dinner inspiration a while back.  Well, we had planned out our good old Country BBQ that was fairly inexpensive so that we could invite our family.  The guest list comes out to about 65 and we were sold on the country theme.  So, when his dad offered to pay for the rehearsal dinner, I didn’t really want some “really nice” one that half the people would not be allowed to come to.  So…here we are…having our good ole Country “I Do” Barbeque!!

I had already bought a nice white dress when we first got engaged, but it is now way too formal for our BBQ event.  We are having a traditional Catholic wedding so the dress has to be appropriate for the church, but casual enough for the BBQ.  What did I come up with?

Tulle Lace Exposed Zipper Dress

My thoughts…heels for the rehearsal and then boots for the dinner!!