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IKEA WEDDING Shopping Trip

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We went to IKEA!

So excited!  I’ve been wanting to go there for a while to take a look at potential stuff for the wedding.  Well, we finally went!

I got 4 lanterns for our rehearsal dinner.  (I may go back and get more–our list keeps getting larger).   I’m thinking of alternating these with mason jars that have daisies in them.

I really like the size of these, they are for tea lights so they are on the smaller size.  You won’t have to worry about them blocking the view of people sitting across from one another.

We also got these little tealight holders.  I mean…little!  They are so cute!

These holders are just large enough to hold the metal tea light inside of it.  These are going to be used at both the rehearsal dinner and the wedding.  We plan on creating a line of candles along the long picnic tables with the lanterns and mason jars in between.  And for the reception, we plan on having them around the cake table and the sign in table.  It get’s better…you can get 12, YES 12, of them for $1.99!!  I got 48 for $8!  You can’t beat that!

We also went and got more of those picture frames that I had got through the Upcycling Wedding Items.  I wanted to get a couple more before they discontinued them or something because that guest list keeps increasing too!  Better safe than sorry.

Hmmm…what else did we get?

Oh yeah!  We got 50 of our candle stick holders for the centerpieces for the reception.

For $0.49 a piece!  We’ll have 3 on each table!

And then we got tea lights.  Got a box of 100 for $3.99!  Even cheaper than the Dollar Tree which has them for 16 for $1.

Yay for IKEA and creating my dream wedding on a budget!


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