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Rehearsal Dinner?

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So, we have been thinking about our rehearsal dinner.   It’s less than 5 months from the wedding and we haven’t heard anything from his (my wonderful groom) side of the family about money/rehearsal dinner/any form of contribution.  Keep in mind, we live less than 20 minutes from both of his parents.  That’s a whole other topic though.

Needless to say, we are now having to plan the rehearsal dinner within our own budget since his parents are probably not going to host it.  We hadn’t originally planned on this so we are trying to go inexpensive, but we don’t want it to be cheap.

Another problem is that we are having a traditional Catholic wedding so there are MANY people involved.  It’s nice that everyone is involved, but unfortunately, we have to host a dinner the night before with everyone.   So, there are aunts and uncles included on both of my parents sides and I don’t want to not include my other aunts and uncles because they aren’t a part of the wedding.  So basically our rehearsal dinner will consist of over 50 people.  Yep!  Almost half of the wedding will also be at the rehearsal dinner.  Translation…We NEED cheap meals!

As y’all know, we live in the great state of Texas.  One thing the great state of Texas is known for is great BBQ!  So, this is our thought, go to a barbeque restaurant and chow down on some inexpensive BBQ!  We will have some people coming in from out of state they will especially enjoy the country cookin’!   In order to pull this off, we want to embrace the country style!  I call it “Rustic Chic”, but we are thinking lanterns, red and white gingham, mason jars, daisies, etc!  I hope we are able to pull this off!  We spoke to a pretty well known BBQ joint that’s less than a 5 minute drive from the church and they said they can work with our budget.  No more than $8 a person!

 This is our general idea, but the restaurant has long picnic style benches and we will use lanterns and mason jars for centerpieces.

Our goal is to make it look cute country, not cheap meal.

Let’s hope this works!


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  1. A BBQ rehearsal dinner sounds amaaazing!!


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