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You can’t win if you don’t enter!!

As a blogger that hosts giveaways, I tell people this all the time!!  As a firm believer, I also enter into giveaways, ESPECIALLY those on blogs.  I entered into a very special one!  There is this adorable  custom paper goods and design company called Little Bit Heart that I had come across and they were hosting a giveaway for 100 5″ x 7″ Postcards from Uprinting.  When I got the e-mail that I had won, I was really excited because I knew that I could use them for our Save the Dates.  The part of the giveaway that I missed was the “Plus a customized file from our readymade collection”.

Oh Yes!

They have a collection of “readymade” Save the Dates which they can customize that they threw in!!

I was beyond excited about the second half of this!  Free prints is nice, free design is Great!!!

We started the process and they were AMAZING every step of the way!!  Our engagement shoot was pushed back further than we had expected and they were completely understanding about it.  Little Bit Heart was SO enjoyable to work with throughout the whole process!  There are just some people who can convey that they are genuine even via e-mail communication and they are definitely some of them!  Our colors are a little bit more unique and specific (burnt orange) and they were able to get them exactly how I wanted it!


The AWESOMENESS doesn’t stop there…Since the postcard print from Uprinting is too large for a postcard stamp.  Little Bit Heart went ABOVE and BEYOND!!  They even sent me chocolate brown envelopes to complement our Save the Dates!  Aren’t they amazing!?!?!

We got our Save the Date in last week from Uprinting and  I am SOOO pleased with the way the design and print turned out!

I can’t wait to send them out!!


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  3. those look fantastic!! Uprinting is def. great, I hosted a giveaway for them too over the summer. I still have to claim a poster with them!


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