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“He’s Smitten”

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I was told the other day, “Wow, he’s SMITTEN”.

This was of course in reference to my  fiancé.

So, my fiancé is not a huge fan of PDA (Public Display of Affection).   I’ll still get my random kiss while we are out to dinner and such, but we just aren’t big on it.  We do live together, so we feel that’s it is something more of being in the privacy of our home.

In addition to not wanting to be all Lovie Dovie in public, it’s even to a lesser extent around his family.  He is the oldest of 4 boys they are especially weird about this.

Well, I was talking to my fiancé’s Dad’s new wife (yes, she is not a step-mother, she is just the new wife).  We just had small talk and she had asked if we had gone wedding band shopping yet.  I told her that my engagement ring was part of a set so that we have mine, but that we haven’t gotten his yet.  I told her about his allergy to metal and that we are pretty sure that he can wear titanium.  He will break out even with 18k gold within minutes.  Before we had tried titanium on him, we thought that he wouldn’t be able to wear a ring.  His idea was to get a tattoo that looks like a ring and then put my name on the inside of his finger.  He reacts horribly to the tattoos because of his allergy to metal and the needle, but surprisingly he wants another.  He won’t get a tattoo unless it has special importance so he thought the ring would be perfect.  Well, now that we are pretty sure he can wear titanium, there is no reason for him to get the tattoo but he is still considering it.

So, when I was telling his Dad’s new wife this, she was SHOCKED.  She said, “Wow, He’s SMITTEN.”

I thought this was hilarious!!!  I mean, we  are GETTING MARRIED!!

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think that you should be getting married unless you are DEFINITELY SMITTEN!  I guess because of our lack of PDA around his family, she did not know that we were really crazy about each other.  Who knows?

People have also told him not to do the wedding band tattoo because, “What if you get a divorce?”  Well, we are definitely NOT planning on it and if we ever came to that, I’m pretty sure that will be the least of our worries.

I mean, a tattoo, who cares?  You just lost the love of your life for some awful reason.  Is the tattoo really what you are worried about?  Personally, I don’t believe in tattoos, but to each their own.  I don’t like them, but my  fiancé does so why should I stop him?  With the thought that people should not get a tattoo because they might divorce, I have to think that maybe more people should get their husband/wife name tattooed.  Maybe, just maybe, this would help keep some of the marriages together that are ending are silly reasons!

Well, the end of the story is that “He’s Smitten”.


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  1. I love that even though you don’t like tattoos….it’s completely up to your fiance and you understand that he likes them. It is a negative approach to think “what if you get divorced” because yes..too marriages end for silly reasons these days. Glad to hear you two are smitten! Def. a cute story 🙂 and sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of what you already know!


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