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Upcycling Wedding Items

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A wedding is one day, one VERY SPECIAL day, but one day.

Many of the items that we have been purchasing as far as decor are items that can be used again and again.  This is because I am being budget friendly as well as trying to decrease our environmental impact from that day.  The candlestick holders are one thing that I won’t be able to use THAT many of (~60), but I definitely plan on selling these after the wedding.

As for the flowers, we aren’t having that many (you can see our flower plan here).

The mirrors  that are going under the candlesticks and votive candles, we definitely plan on using for home decor after.  We got 1 pack of the the beveled edge 12×12 mirror tiles from Home Depot (pack of 6 for $19.99).  Then we got 3 packs of the plain edge 12×12 mirror tiles (pack of 6 for $9.99).  We are going to use the beveled edge mirrors for Family and Wedding Party and the plain edge for everyone else.  We saved $30 by doing this, while still allowing us to have the more formal and tailored ones for our families.

As for the votive candles and candlesticks, burnt orange, pretty perfect for Thanksgivings for the rest of our lives!

Speaking of selling the candlestick holders, I’m actually buying votive candle holders and table number frames from one of my sister’s friends.  She recently got married, about 2 weeks again (Congrats y’all!), and was looking to sell her massive amount of votive candle holders (~90) and 18 table number frames.  We will need more, but she bought these items at IKEA and we will easily be able to go and get some more.  Not only are we getting a great price for these, but she is getting to get some money back that she spent on the wedding AND even better, they aren’t ending up in a dumpster.  I’m SO excited to be doing something that is budget friendly for BOTH of us and the environment!

These are the table number frames and they are usually $0.99 a piece and we are buying them from her for $10 for all 18.

And these are the votive candle holders and I’m not sure on the exact price but I’m sure they will be less than the $1.49 for a set of 4 that you can buy at IKEA.

So, that is our table decor!

Pretty excited!!


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