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Dollar Tree Bride Strikes Again!!!

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So, why stop at the wedding favors for Dollar Tree?

Being on a budget, I wanted to double duty the flowers.  We are going to have a Sweetheart Table and my bouquet is going to be the centerpiece for our table.  Well, since we are doing a Sweetheart Table…what about the Bridesmaid bouquets?  Yep, they will also be able to be used.  So, I bought these vases at Dollar Tree so that not only will it hold the bouquets but then the girls take them home afterward!  A little mini gift for them (one of many) and a centerpiece?  Yes, Please!!

To give y’all some background, the bridal party will be split between two tables.  One table will have my 3 bridesmaids, and the other table will have my 2 matrons-of-honor (sisters) with my parents.  So, now that we are going to have 3 out of the 20 tables have flowers (opposed to our candle centerpieces), I thought it would be nice to have the groomsmen and my future in-laws to also have floral centerpieces.  I figured the cost of two more floral centerpieces is well worth it to set apart the wedding party and parents.

It’s not going to stop there though.  For the church we will have pew bows alternating between burnt orange and chocolate brown.  The centerpieces for the groomsmen and future in-law tables will also be used at the church for the 2 front rows, one on each side.  These will be the reserved seats for the Wedding Party.  We will then take the flowers over to the venue and use as centerpieces.

Genius? No.

Budget Friendly and Efficient use of resources? Yes!


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