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DIY Flower Girl Bags

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I have been working on a new DIY Project!!  I have small totes for my Flower Girls (3 of them)!!

HERE they are!!

I bought the small totes at Hobby Lobby during a 50% sale!!  The dimensions are 13″ length and 9 1/2″ in height.  Perfect size for little girls.

I then hot glued the same ribbon that I had on the base of the Bridesmaid Clutches and the Hotel Welcome Bags around the pocket and back of the tote.  The ribbon was also 50% at Hobby Lobby.

On top of the ribbon I hot glued the same rhinestones that are on the Hotel Welcome Bags from Hobby Lobby that I bought 50% off as well.   The whole bucket of rhinestones below was $8 and I did all the flower girl totes and the Hotel Welcome Bags.  Various sizes of rhinestones means that I won’t be able to use all of them for this project.  There are also quite a few that I had to throw out because they we messed up.  Still, much cheaper to buy it in this form if you are doing a few DIY projects or plan to use them again in the future.

Totes: $1.50 each

Ribbon: $0.20 each

Rhinestones: $0.15 each

Total Cost: $1.85 each ($5.55 for ALL 3)

Easy-Peasy and great for our budget!!!


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  1. Very cute bag. I like it . For more to Courier Bags.


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