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My Church is Double Booked!!!

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My Church is Double Booked!!!  I can’t believe it!  AT ALL! 

You always hear people say not to freak out about things because things will go wrong.  When I thought of things going wrong, I definitely thought it had to do with my cake showing up purple or the wrong flowers coming in, NOT my church being cancelled!!! 

So, we booked our church MONTHS ago!!  And we got a call tonight saying that they had double booked!!  The problem…she didn’t transfer the other couple’s date over from her old calendar.  REALLY?!?!?  REALLY?!?!? 

So, she leaves her cell phone number because she felt bad and when we called there is no answer.  No answer AND no call back!  Ugh!!  I’m so frustrated!! 

I am so ready to just call it quits and go to the JP.  The problem is that I was born and raised Catholic (IN THIS CHURCH) and my future husband is currently going through RCIA to become Catholic.  We were SO excited that we would be able to have a full Catholic mass as two active Catholics.  I would hate to take that away from him and us.  There are so many traditions and religion is very important to us so I want the mass but I am so frustrated right now I almost want a weekday mass. 

On TOP of that, we have booked our photographer, reception venue, photobooth, etc.  We even have 700 napkins with our names and DATE on them!  There is no way that we can change the date now!! 

HOPEFULLY we will get a call back tomorrow and I will update y’all on how it goes down. 

Wish me luck! 


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