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Changing your last name.

It’s a part of getting married that girls have to make a decision on as to whether or not they will change their last name to their future husband’s.  It even goes beyond that.  If you have decided to change your last name, will you keep your current last name as a middle name, drop it all together, or hyphenate it?

There are many options today for brides-to-be so that you can be the most comfortable.

Personally, I have decided to take my future husband’s last name.  I am not prepared however to drop my current last name.  I currently have a very unique last name that I have grown attached to over the last 20-something years and I’m not prepared to drop it.  On top of that, I am the LAST one of my lineage that has this name.   Literally.  My grandfather was the only one of his generation that had a son (my dad) and then my dad had 3 girls.  I am the youngest of these three girls and the older two both took their husband’s names and dropped their maiden name completely.  I feel an obligation to our lineage to at least have the name until I move on to a better place.

I ALSO like my middle name.  There is just a flow between my first and last name that I think I will miss too much if I drop it all together.

I haven’t come to a complete conclusion yet, but I  will either keep all my names and add his on to the end or drop my current middle name and change my maiden name to my middle name.

Any thoughts on what y’all will do?  


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  1. I was in a similar “end of maiden name” situation. My dad had four sisters and three daughters (I am the middle). My older sister kept her maiden name and I took my husband’s last name but kept my maiden name as my new middle name. Good luck making the decision, each direction has pluses and minuses, it is just about finding what suits you best!

    • Thanks Kate! I think my end decision will be to do exactly what you did and keep my maiden name as my new middle name. I completely agree with you that in the end you have decide what suits you best!

  2. I choose to hyphenate. You need to do what suits you (and your hubby) best!

    The best thing I did do was use to assist me with the name change. It was so quick and easy – I got all the forms sent to me with stamped and addressed envelopes. All I had to do with sign! It was definitely money well spent.


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