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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Engagement Pictures (On Facebook)

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Our Photographer, Zagga Photography, has posted some of our engagement pictures on Facebook!  So excited to have some, there will be more to come, but you can check out these teaser pictures!


DIY Flower Girl Bags

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I have been working on a new DIY Project!!  I have small totes for my Flower Girls (3 of them)!!

HERE they are!!

I bought the small totes at Hobby Lobby during a 50% sale!!  The dimensions are 13″ length and 9 1/2″ in height.  Perfect size for little girls.

I then hot glued the same ribbon that I had on the base of the Bridesmaid Clutches and the Hotel Welcome Bags around the pocket and back of the tote.  The ribbon was also 50% at Hobby Lobby.

On top of the ribbon I hot glued the same rhinestones that are on the Hotel Welcome Bags from Hobby Lobby that I bought 50% off as well.   The whole bucket of rhinestones below was $8 and I did all the flower girl totes and the Hotel Welcome Bags.  Various sizes of rhinestones means that I won’t be able to use all of them for this project.  There are also quite a few that I had to throw out because they we messed up.  Still, much cheaper to buy it in this form if you are doing a few DIY projects or plan to use them again in the future.

Totes: $1.50 each

Ribbon: $0.20 each

Rhinestones: $0.15 each

Total Cost: $1.85 each ($5.55 for ALL 3)

Easy-Peasy and great for our budget!!!

Whimzy Life Etsy Shop Giveaway WINNER!!!

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And we have a WINNER!!!

The lucky, Anna Driver-Bishop, is the winner of the Whimzy Life Etsy Shop $15 Gift Certificate!!

Thanks to everyone who entered and don’t forget that you can still get 15% off your purchase by typing in the code ‘southtexaswedding’ at checkout at Whimzy Life!!!

My Church is Double Booked!!!

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My Church is Double Booked!!!  I can’t believe it!  AT ALL! 

You always hear people say not to freak out about things because things will go wrong.  When I thought of things going wrong, I definitely thought it had to do with my cake showing up purple or the wrong flowers coming in, NOT my church being cancelled!!! 

So, we booked our church MONTHS ago!!  And we got a call tonight saying that they had double booked!!  The problem…she didn’t transfer the other couple’s date over from her old calendar.  REALLY?!?!?  REALLY?!?!? 

So, she leaves her cell phone number because she felt bad and when we called there is no answer.  No answer AND no call back!  Ugh!!  I’m so frustrated!! 

I am so ready to just call it quits and go to the JP.  The problem is that I was born and raised Catholic (IN THIS CHURCH) and my future husband is currently going through RCIA to become Catholic.  We were SO excited that we would be able to have a full Catholic mass as two active Catholics.  I would hate to take that away from him and us.  There are so many traditions and religion is very important to us so I want the mass but I am so frustrated right now I almost want a weekday mass. 

On TOP of that, we have booked our photographer, reception venue, photobooth, etc.  We even have 700 napkins with our names and DATE on them!  There is no way that we can change the date now!! 

HOPEFULLY we will get a call back tomorrow and I will update y’all on how it goes down. 

Wish me luck! 

Exclusive Reception Hall Open House

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Exclusive Reception Hall is having an Open House Event so you can view their facility.

Place: Exclusive Reception Hall
Date: Sunday Oct 23 2011
Address: 5351 Glen Ridge Dr
San Antonio TX 78229
Time: 12:00 to 5:0PM
Exclusive Reception Hall has seating for up to 300 people and FREE parking!  I know when we were looking for venues, parking was a big issue.  There were places that required our GUESTS to pay as much as $18 per vehicle.  Personally, I don’t think it is a fair expense to require guests to pay (almost worst than a cash bar!).
Not only is it your reception venue, it would also be a one stop shop if you choose it to be so.  That way you don’t have to worry about everyone having everything coordinated at the right time.  Exclusive Reception Hall also provides linen rentals, catering, DJ, up-lighting, floral and centerpieces, chocolate fountain, candy bar, cakes, invitations, photography, hair and make-up,  Dillards gift registry, Honeymoon, videography, AND tuxedos.
Crazy, right!?
Other than your wedding dress, they pretty much have everything covered!

Bride Hanger Winner!!

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And we have a winner!!!


Brandi Highfill!!!

Congratulations Brandi!  She will be getting married in a few weeks and can’t wait to use this beautiful bride hanger from  ROCK A BUY CREATIONS!!

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway and I hope you will stop by my other current giveaway for a $15 Gift Certificate to Whimzy Life Etsy Shop!

Name Change

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Changing your last name.

It’s a part of getting married that girls have to make a decision on as to whether or not they will change their last name to their future husband’s.  It even goes beyond that.  If you have decided to change your last name, will you keep your current last name as a middle name, drop it all together, or hyphenate it?

There are many options today for brides-to-be so that you can be the most comfortable.

Personally, I have decided to take my future husband’s last name.  I am not prepared however to drop my current last name.  I currently have a very unique last name that I have grown attached to over the last 20-something years and I’m not prepared to drop it.  On top of that, I am the LAST one of my lineage that has this name.   Literally.  My grandfather was the only one of his generation that had a son (my dad) and then my dad had 3 girls.  I am the youngest of these three girls and the older two both took their husband’s names and dropped their maiden name completely.  I feel an obligation to our lineage to at least have the name until I move on to a better place.

I ALSO like my middle name.  There is just a flow between my first and last name that I think I will miss too much if I drop it all together.

I haven’t come to a complete conclusion yet, but I  will either keep all my names and add his on to the end or drop my current middle name and change my maiden name to my middle name.

Any thoughts on what y’all will do?