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I found my dress yesterday at David’s Bridal!

One of my bridesmaids, let’s call her “Bridesmaid A”, was coming in town and she wanted to go dress shopping.  I had been wanting to go to David’s Bridal because the prices were so much cheaper than the boutiques I had been looking at.  This was definitely my next shop in dress shopping because I could not justify spending greater than $1000 until I knew that I didn’t like the less than $1000 dresses.   After all, we are on a budget since it is mostly use (bride and groom) paying for the wedding.

Up until this point I had not gone dress shopping with my mom since she is in San Antonio and I’m in Houston.  Since “Bridesmaid A” was coming in town from Austin and we were going to David’s Bridal, I convinced my mom and dad to come down to Houston because I just KNEW I was going to find my dress at David’s Bridal.  So, once I let one of the other Bridesmaid (the one who I had gone shopping with twice to look at dresses), “Bridesmaid J” know that my mom was coming in town along with my “Bridesmaid A”, she made a special trip into town all the way from Kingsville!!

The last shop I had gone to was Priscilla of Boston where I fell in LOVE with a dress.  I was with “Bridesmaid J” and we are both very indecisive.  I LOVED the dress but could not justify spending $1300, especially since it was a sample and would need to be cleaned and altered adding on hundreds more to the price.  Her response was that I needed my mom.  So true!  I just needed my mom to say ‘Yay’ or ‘Nay’!

Since the girls and my mom and I were all meeting up at David’s Bridal we had planned to drop my dad off at a nearby restaurant for the 2 hour appointment.  Our appointment started at 10 am and my fiance did not have to go to work until noon so he was able to stick around and keep my dad company for most of our appointment.  My dad came into David’s Bridal at noon after my fiance had left and I started trying on the favorite dresses of the morning.  My dad had something to say about everyone of them.  We finally had to put him on a “No Comments” probation and then based on the comments and the previous dresses I had tried, the David’s Bridal Consultant, April, brought out a dress.  She had it in the room and I literally went “Eww.”  That’s right, I Eww-ed the dress.

There were no mirrors in the room so I had to walk out to see it in the outside mirror.  It was a discontinued, Oleg Cassini dress,  so all they had was a size six to try on.  Between trying to have people hold the back of it so I could imagine what it would look like altered, I looked in the mirror and saw my dad’s face.  I knew at that point that even if I hated the dress, which I did not, that this was the one!  My dad said that up until this point, I was just trying on wedding dresses, and when I walked out of the room, that his little girl was a Bride!  Ahh!  It makes me tear up now.  You have to imagine my dad, a 6’2”, Irish man telling me, his daughter, that I looked like a BRIDE!!

Here I am, saying that as a girl, I need my mom to help me dress shop and although I am SO happy my mom and Bridesmaids came in to shop with me, in the end it was my dad actually my dress decision.


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