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Football Program…He Thinks of Me!

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So, come to find out, that last night was the last opportunity he had to ask “The Question”.   This is because…his Football Coach Bio in the Program says that he is engaged to his College Sweetheart!!!  He is so sweet!  My Mr. isn’t the most romantic person, so this is a BIG deal!!!  Along with his romantic level being such a shock…last night was PERFECT for us!  No big to-do, just us being us, and the best proposal I could have ever asked for!!

Sorry for the excessive posts on this, but it is seriously the happiest I’ve ever been!   When we started planning the wedding I was a little nervous about the whole “Forever” part, and now…I KNOW that this is exactly how you are supposed to feel.  I know that a lot of people get cold feet and mine were at the beginning.  In perspective, I analyze everything to an excessive extent (It took me 4 months to find a laptop and 9 months to find the ring–Not very proportional to importance).   So, I think I was over-analyzing the whole marriage deal.  Now, that we are “Officially” engaged, nothing else matters!

I am in LOVE and that’s it!


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