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Venue Booked!!

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I am so excited to say that we have booked our venue!!!  Finally!  After much searching, that part of the wedding planning is over. 

We had our list narrowed down to our top 3 venues in San Antonio.  Two of them were from our last visit to San Antonio and the other one was actually the place my oldest sister had her wedding reception.  The only problem was that it was on an Air Force Base and we aren’t Air Force.   We found out that her and her husband (who is Air Force) could “Sponsor” us.  When we went to go look we really liked the place and then we started talking prices.  So much better!  We would be able to do things like have a hosted bar and cocktail hour that we wouldn’t be able to afford at the other places!  We really liked the idea of this place but we liked the architecture of one of the other venues more so we were dragging our feet a little. 

As fate would have it, my brother-in-law was TDY in San Antonio and my sister decided to make it a visit!  My Mr. and I went down to SA so I could see them and while we were there we got an e-mail saying that the other venue had been booked.   Even though we were told we would get a heads-up if people started looking.  We wanted to go THAT day to book this other venue.  So…we DID!!

We are having our reception at the Officer’s Club on the Air Force Base!!  So excited!!!

*Take Away Message*

Is doesn’t hurt to call and ask about having your reception at a venue that you might not think is an option.  The worst that can happen is that they say ‘No’ and you might be pleasantly surprised!



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