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Searching for a Photographer!

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Wow Wow Wow!  I have learned so much about the photography lingo in the packages over the past 24 hours!  So, like I said, we came to San Antonio to Venue shop and we stayed a couple of extra days to spend with my parents.  Well, what have we been doing? Wedding Shopping!  It’s so much more fun to be here with my mom and planning things then out in Houston by myself looking at things.  It’s definitely a group effort between my mom, dad, my Mr., and me! 

So, last night I started contacting San Antonio photographers!  I went through the list on and clicked on EVERY SINGLE ONE!  Yes, this took me forever, but since we are on a budget and I want my pictures to be beautiful, I did it.  (It’s also nice that I was in San Antonio so I didn’t have to go to work and didn’t have to do any housework…Thanks mom!) 

Some of the photographers were way too expensive $6,500 for 8 hours?  Are you kidding me?!?  I mean, if you can afford it, go for it!  As for us…not so much!  We definitely are looking at the UNDER $6,500 price range! 

I also looked at the work of every photographer.  If you don’t like their images of other weddings, then you probably aren’t going to be too happy with them of your own.  Although I think $6,500 is ridicuously expensive, I do think that your pictures are VERY important.  We are trying to save money on different aspects but the one place we will extend the budget a little is for the photographer.  I would love to have a photographer give me everything I want for $300 but that probably isn’t going to happen so we’ll go a little further out. 

So, wedding photography packages…

One thing that is really important to us is that we can get the high resolution images on a dvd/cd with copyright release.  This will allow you to make all the prints you want for family, friends, or yourself 10 years down the road.  I think this is amazing and would not want a photographer who didn’t have this option.  Who wants to pay for $4.99 for a 4×6?  And reprints? Forget it if you don’t have your own cd/dvd. 

Second, our “wedding” is going to be REALLY long.  Our ceremony will start at 2:30 so I want the photographer there at least an hour before.  I think it is really important to get some images of the bridesmaids helping you get ready before you walk down the aisle.  You also want a couple of pictures with your parents as the last time you will be their little girl, before you become your husband’s wife.  For us, after the ceremony, we will travel to the reception venue and go until about 10:30.  That’s 9 hours! 

Another nice option is to have a second photographer to capture all the images.  I think this is a nice idea especially since we are planning on a larger group.  If you have less than 150, I feel that one photographer is just fine, but for more I think two will be nice.   Also with the second photographer is that we are going to be having a cocktail hour going on for the guests when we are taking pictures at the church after the ceremony.  This will allow one photographer to stay at the church and the other one to go on to the cocktail party and take pictures of guests as well as the ballroom before anyone enters it. 

I learned that some photographers will give you a cd/dvd with a set number of images based on the amount of time you book them.  One photographer had for 4 hour coverage only 200 images.  They stand is that they are only going to take the most artistic images so every one is a piece of art.  My rebuttle is that although they might be absolutely beautiful pictures artistically, if I don’t like MYSELF in them then they aren’t good pictures at all.  Therefore I would much rather have someone who will take many pictures and still try to make each one amazing!   Make sure to contact the photographer regarding these numbers, you might be surprised as to how they will work with you.  If they are not willing to explain, then they probably aren’t a photographer you want to work with.  You want someone that will be accomodating for YOU.  After all, it’s YOUR big day!

If you can’t tell, I’ve done a lot of reasearch on this over the past 24 hours!!  I even had one photographer that I contacted ask me if I was a photographer myself because of the extensive list of specific questions I was asking.  What a nice compliment!!  Personally, I can barely operate my digital camera and didn’t find out until AFTER the 4th of July that my camera has a fireworks display!  That would have been nice to know!  🙂


1. Wedding hour coverage- think about every important moment you want to be documented, not just the actual wedding.

2. CD/DVD of high resolution images with copyright release

3. Look at their albums!  Make sure YOU like their pictures.

4. Check to see if they do unlimited numbers of pictures. 

Good Luck with your Photography shopping! 

I will definitely let y’all know who I choose when I do!!!


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  1. Getting the photos…ALL the photos…on a dvd is definitely important. You’re so right!

  2. Congratulations on your wedding! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Photography is really important to me too, so I’ll be curious to hear more of your tips for saving on a photographer!


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