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*San Antonio Wedding Venues*

So, like I’ve said before, we are having a “Destination Wedding” simply because we live in Houston and we are getting married in San Antonio.  This is proving to be a lot harder than expected, especially since we do not have a wedding planner.   So, we made another trip down to San Antonio this weekend and are having a cram session!  We met up with a photographer on Thursday, 4 venues on Friday with ring shopping, and we have another venue today! 

We first started looking at venues in the first week of June when we flew out of San Antonio for a vacation.  We really disliked one at a local golf course and loved another one that was a museum downtown.  We went back to take my parents to the one that we loved our first trip and they loved the aesthetics about it but then my mom, who is extremely allergic to mold, started to sneeze.  My dad even pointed out that there were some black wood planks…it was mold.  Ugh! 

We did like 2 of the venues yesterday though and they are within our price budget.  Maybe, just maybe, the one today will be the one!  We will see which one we end up with!!  Ahh! 


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