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Wedding Colors Decided!

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Since we are having a June wedding I was thinking about having a Sea Foam Green or a Baby Blue as my wedding colors.  I like the Sea Foam Green more but there are many more options for the Baby Blue.  Then…I saw pictures of a wedding from a college friend.  The color was burnt orange!! 

Why didn’t I think about that?!?  

We both graduated from the BEST University in the State of Texas (might be partial)… The University of Texas at Austin.   The burnt orange color is a color that we will both love for life and why not have it as part of our wedding?  That is where we met after all! 

So excited to finally have our main color so we can start coordinating everything with it!!  I’m not quite sure if I want to have it with white, beige, or a dark brown.  We’ll see what is to come!! 


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