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Ring Shopping- Which one do you like?

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So…We have been ring shopping for months now.  Now that we have officially booked the date with the church we should probably get a ring pretty soon.  When we first started looking I really wanted a halo design but after trying them on it looked entirely too large on my finger (size 4 1/2). 

So…these are the two that I have come down to. 


Robbins Brothers

  • Great service plan with limited locations.  We don’t plan on staying in Houston much longer so we would like a nationwide plan. 
  • More unique.  It’s a Robbins Brothers design, which is only sold at their locations so there won’t be as many of them in circulation (nice to have a more unique ring without paying the custom price).




  • Nationwide service plan.  A little more expensive, but we can take it to any Kays or Jareds location and have it serviced. 
  • Designer ring- Good and Bad.  Since it is a designer (Scott Kay), it’s not limited only to Jared’s locations but at the same time the designer rings usually have a higher quality of side stone. 



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  2. I love reading your blog, you remind me so much of myself!
    And I love that ring! Definitly the 2nd one 🙂


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